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Opening Times

MONDAY – 9am- 11pm

TUESDAY – 9am- 11pm

WEDNESDAY – 9am- 11pm

THURSDAY – 9am- 11pm

FRIDAY – 9am- 11pm

SATURDAY – 9am- 11pm

SUNDAY – 9am- 11pm


Corn Exchange

5/6 A SideTimesCasualBond
Monday - Friday9am - 4:30pm£45.00£35.00
5pm - 11pm£68.00£60.00
SaturdayAll Day£45.00£40.00
Sunday9:30am - 4:30pm£60.00£40.00
5pm - 11pm£60.00£40.00
7 A SideTimesCasualBond
Monday - Friday9am - 4:30pm£53.00£42.00
5pm - 11pm£88.00£80.00
WeekendAll Day£73.00£65.00
Student DiscountTimesCasual
Sunday - Thursday9am - 4:30pm£35.00
Friday & SaturdayAll Day£35.00

Marine Drive

5/6 A SideTimesCasualBond
Monday - Friday9am - 4:30pm£30.00
5pm - 11pm£68.00£60.00
SaturdayAll Day£30.00
SundayAll Day£30.00
7 A SideTimesCasualBond
Monday - Friday9am - 4:30pm£30.00
5pm - 11pm£75.00£70.00
WeekendAll Day£30.00
Student DiscountTimesCasual
Monday - Friday 9am - 4:30pm£30.00

Getting Here

Corn Exchange

Located behind iconic venue The Edinburgh Corn Exchange.

Situated approximately 3.6 kilometres (2 miles) to the south west of Edinburgh city centre, within the moat area of the capital. This is an area of mixed use embracing both retail, office and residential accommodation.

The Corn Exchange sits to the south of Gorgie Road (A71) and north of Slateford Road (A70) two of the main arterial routes into the city.

Trains can stop at Slateford Train Station and relevant bus services include 3, 4, 25, 34, and 44

Marine Drive

Located near Silverknowes Golf course and Gypsy Brae.

Situated approximately 8 kilometres (5.4 miles) to the north of Edinburgh City Centre, and forms part of the Capital’s waterfront along the Firth of Forth.

World of Football Marine Drive sits north of Ferry Road (A902) and offers quick access to the Forth Road Bridge, Edinburgh Airport and the City Bypass.

Relevant bus services include: 8, 14, 16, 19, 27, 29, 37, 11